Nadhirah + Halim : Sanding

My reception didn't go as planned. Kelam kabut habis. Tapi whateverlah, dah kahwin.

I'm totally in love with my hand bouquet but I picked it up on Friday, two-days before. By noon, it has already wilted.

The MUA was late because she got lost and can't find my house, so the wedding started at close to 3.00pm when it's supposed to start at 2.30pm. 

By 4.00pm it was raining cats and dogs. I didn't get a chance to enjoy my food but I know it's good based on feedback by people who came.

The wedding cake was beautiful. The cupcakes were so sedap. Unfortunately (so many unfortunate events happened that day), someone accidentally knocked the cake down... wow, just wow.

Around 5.00pm, we went to Dato' Onn for outdoor photoshoot. My makeup already melted because it was so hot that day despite the rain... my henna, fading. I hope they have top of the notch photoshop skills.

I haven't seen the photos yet, but here's one from the photographer's Facebook page:

And here's some photos during my reception...

UKM friends. Thanks for coming guys <3 td="">

First husband wife selfie. Yes, we forgot to took some after nikah/ during sanding T_T
#protip remember to pray and ask from God for calmness during your wedding no matter what happens. It really helped me. In shaa Allah it will help you too.
pro sangat baru sebulan kahwin. kehkeh.

Wedding details at >>Wedding Vendors<< 


Nadhirah + Halim : Nikah

I got married on 1st of May 2016 at my parent's house. Now, everytime I'm there, it reminds me of the day I became his wife. Rindu masa nikah. I love the fact that almost all my friends were there. Thanks sayangs. It was one fun, joyous occasion. I just love being around my friends! 

The day before I was busy picking up cupcakes, buying chicken for kenduri my parent's having for the family, buying fruits and stuff for the hantaran.

And then I went home, put on henna, kenduri started, waited for my friends to come from KL. Entertained them until pass 12.00am.

I can't sleep. I was not nervous, I was worried. At 2.00am I realised that the canopy people forgot to bring the cake stand... I quickly informed Ma and she texted Didi (the canopy boss).

I tried to sleep afterwards but I can't stop thinking. Not sure at what time I finally dozed off but I'm already awake by 5.30am.

I went downstairs, arranged the chocolates, cupcakes, and fruits on the hantaran trays. There was supposed to be sireh junjung/dara whatever but I didn't like the arrangement the girl did so I changed it to chocolates and put fruits on the chocolate tray. 

At 6.30am it's time for makeup. I love the MUA, As Salleh. She's so friendly and bubbly. Very helpful and her work is amazing - RECOMMENDED! Thanks to Dayang for looking her up for me.

I was ready by 8.00am and groom's entourage was on their way by 8.30am. Unfortunately, my extended family was still at their homestays, Ma still not ready, Najmi still in bed. Get it together already, it's my wedding day!

Fortunately... the kadi was late... so the groom's entourage waited for the kadi first. By 9.30am, everything was ready. We were behind the schedule but it's okay. Dah selamat pun. Alhamdulillah.

Last wefie before saying goodbye to single life
The arrival of the groom's entourage.

Akad nikah

Favourite picture. Thanks to my cousin.

Man & wife
Wedding details at >>Wedding Vendors<< 


Factory Kitchen @ Kilang Bateri

Bawal, nasi putih, ulam, sambal, kuah. Simple food done right. I just wish there's more sambal. 

Located at Kilang Bateri hence the name Factory Kitchen. Open daily from 5.00pm to 12.00am. Check out their Instagram & Facebook page for more details.


Indie Ke Koh Lipe #3 x Team Princess - Bachelorette party for Ariey

On our second day at Koh Lipe, after a day of snorkeling and sunbathing (ceh!), we went for thai massage. We were led to a private room, just the four of us, and we immediately declare our trip as the bachelorette party for Ariey. How convenient and fuss-free with no additional cost. 

We are such cheapskates, I know.

Two weeks before the wedding. May Allah ease.


1270 days

It was the year for travelling and friends, movies and cafes... but God have a different plan for me.

God answered my prayers.

I can write about all our struggles, failures, obstacles, and darkest days but let's not ruin the beautiful moment. Let's look beyond the past. Let's live in the spectacular now.

Nadhirah & Halim, finally married.