Lunch Hour: Restoran Pondok MS Briyani

The briyani is so good I can't even... As simple as it is, it's definitely one of the best that I have ever had. I went there at 12.00pm, briyani kambing already sold out! but chicken was good too. I'll be back for kambing!

Restoran Pondok MS Briyani is located at 50, Jalan Padi Emas 2, Bandar Baru UDA shoplots next to UDA Business Centre, nearby Plaza Angsana. 


Tacoloco @ Acad's Kitchen Taman Kebun Teh

I've heard positive reviews about Tacoloco from friends but I never had the chance to try their food until ISKARNIVAL2015.

We had carbonara and aglio olio. The pastas are selling for RM7.00 each, served in a chinese take out box. The aglio was good but the carbonara was exceptional. They also serve tacos and nachos. I love how they describe their selection of pastas - carbonara milk,  marinara tomato, aglio oil? Something like that.

Anyway, I've been craving for some carbonara so we head on to their stall at Taman Kebun Teh, just trying my luck. Unfortunately they only serve nachos and tacos there. But the pastas are available for delivery.

I prefer the nachos at The Substitutes but it's not bad. 
You can try their nachos and tacos at Acad's Kitchen (previously Rayqal's Kitchen) or whatsapp Amy at 0127386876 for delivery.


Favourite - Olive Musicafe

Back to when everyone was single. Farine's married now.


Modern Fishing Point @ Stulang Laut

A friend whatsapp me a picture of ikan bakar daun pisang and asked me to bring her to that place when she's in JB. I didn't even know where it was so we did a little googling and it brought us to Modern Fishing Point a.k.a Kedai nasi goreng seafood bawah tangga.

The portion is generous. The seafood is fresh. The fried rice, simple nasi goreng kicap bodoh but when matched with cencalok, the bomb! So the secret is in the cencalok. Must eat this with cencalok baru kick okay?

It's almost always full house and it's not a very clean place if that's your concern. We came around 11.00pm and there's a lot of people coming in. We waited for 45 minutes for our order, two fried rice with grilled squid and two iced drinks = RM37.00.

Modern Fishing Point is located at No. 101, Blok K1, Taman Stulang Laut. Tel: 012-7825523.


Trip lepas gian #5

Guys, if you come to Johor Bahru as my guest, I promise you, it'll be fun and all your wishes within my power and the time frame, is my command. Tak percaya tanya Ira.

Our first stop was Medan Selera Larkin Bomba for kacang pool since it was her first request.

She wants kacang pool...

I took her to Jalan Dhoby and the surrounding area so that I GET TO TAKE PICTURES of the murals.

My favourite road in JB

A tourist in my own city

The other day she told me she feels like eating Butter Chicken. So I asked my friend and she suggested Hua Mui, so we went there for a bite.

She wants butter chicken...

After an hour of waiting

I also forced her to go to Istana Bukit Serene to take pictures with the gerbang. That's what friends are for right? The sun was scorching hot but it's all worth it because the pictures turned out great.

Uber tourist here

IRA LOVES SNOOPY GUYS so I had to go up and down Johor Bahru City Square to take pictures of her with Snoopy.

She looks so happy kan?


Okay I lied. I asked her to do it. But the last pose was all her.

The next day, after a very late start, we went to ZZ Sup Tulang (Taman Setia Tropika) for lunch before she heads home. Would love to bring her to the one at the city area but somebody overslept.

The only picture missing here is the trip to English College because a certain someone was a student there once upon a time - a very, very, very long time ago. She just had to *force me to* take pictures *using my phone* and forward it to that certain someone.

Anyway, I know you'll be reading this Ira so I hope you'll come to JB again soon and we'll go to other places next time and take more pictures, okay?



Earlier last month. My first Iskarnival. First GEGO in 3 years. First Pesawat show in 5 years. Taco Loco for dinner (sedap sangat ni).

I went there alone. Had a lot of fun. The only thing that irks me was GEGO's stage area. It was a total mess ala Urbanscape 2012. Lecak and becak.


Baby K & The Qs playdate

Babies are cute. Toddlers, still cute but panjang akal dah... Bila teringat balik, Acik pening kepala.

Acik pening!