Yusri + Farina

Closing 2015 weekend with meeting uni friends and attending the wedding of the year. Chewah.

Congratulations to Farina Yahya, my first year degree room mate basically my first new friend at UKM. Thank you for letting me be a part of one of the most important days of your life. Semoga sentiasa diberkati dan dimurahkan rezeki, bahagia ke syurga, berkekalan til jannah, In shaa Allah. Selamat Pengantin Baru!

Nikah day
After Nikah 
First reception
Second reception

*Pictures courtesy of other dulang girls and Facebook.*


The Spectacular Now - Tim Tharp / [2013]

I watched the movie because Miles Teller is in it (Sutter) and I think it was good, so I read the book.

It's a story about a carefree boy, Sutter, who got dumped by his ex girlfriend, Cassidy, because he's too carefree and got in some sort of a relationship with a nerdy girl, Aimee Finicky even though he's still hung up on his ex. This is a guy who's looking for fun. A guy who does not want any commitment. He's a high school senior but he does not even bother to apply to college because he know he's not gonna graduate - he just don't care. The spectacular NOW, now. Not the past nor the future.

Sutter's a fun guy, everybody knows him, he's the clown, the cool guy. He lives his life in a daze thanks to the spiked 7 up practically glued to his hand.

How things happened in both book and movie is pretty much the same. They accidentally met while Aimee was delivering news papers. Sutter was failing his calculus so he asked Aimee to tutor him. They grew closer. Aimee fell for him, maybe he too have feelings for her but he told his best friend he just want to help her, give her the experience of having someone, I guess he's in denial. Things got complicated. They went on a road trip to see Sutter's dad, met with an accident. Things got even more complicated. Aimee is certain about her life plans and want to include Sutter in it, but Sutter only believes in the spectacular now. Planning for future is not his thing.

Aimee is played by Shailene Woodley, the girl in The Fault In our Stars and Divergent. She's too pretty for that part. I can't picture someone like her as the nerdy girl in the book. Aimee is nerdy and awkward, someone that will mistake friendliness with affection because people don't and won't pay attention to her. Nobody sees her, she's invisible. She's so naive and fell head over heels for Sutter.

In the book, Sutter promised Aimee to follow her to college but he didn't. He decided that staying as far as possible from Aimee is the best thing to do because he feels that he's gonna mess up Aimee's life. Aimee's a bright kid and he's Sutter, living in the spectacular now, no future whatsoever.

In the movie, they were supposed to go to college together by bus but he stood her up because he believes he will mess up her life (like in the book). But then he finally straightened his life, and went looking for Aimee at her college. Sutter does not gave up on Aimee. He did not gave up on his future or maybe, their future together.

I expect some of the details or story line to be different but I did not expect any changes on the ending, so I was shocked when I get to the last page of the book and that's it... that's the end.

So the movie made me feel happy and all bubbly inside. Such a sweet movie about young love. The book though, crushed me.

I feel you Aimee, I really do.****

I'm gonna end this with a photo essay but the writers (for the movie) >> link


The Hunger Games Trilogy - Suzanne Collins / [2012][2013][2014][2015]

Both the books and the movies affected me the same way.

The Hunger Games is exciting, it's something new, something I've never seen/read before. It's filled with action, suspense, fast paced, intriguing, and ends on a high.

Catching Fire is slower paced, interesting, shocking, exciting because you get to meet past Victors. At the same time, you get to see the district's people reaction towards Katniss. 

The second movie was the one which made me read the books. The cliffhanger was just too good. I just can't wait to know what's gonna happen next.

Mockingjay, this is the serious stuff. The part where the struggle is real. If you don't like politics and don't enjoy movies about politics, or you're that person who just don't give a damn about politics, you won't enjoy it at all. Highly comparable with our political scene. Fewer action, somber, low key compared to the previous two books/movies. Even with all the stuff happening in part 2 (after Peeta was rescued) the overall feel of it was sadness and devastation. A happy ending but it didn't end with a bang like what some viewers/readers expected. I think, that's how it should end. That's what Katniss was craving for after living a hectic and tragic life.

In short, it can be quite a bore because it started with so much energy and ended too calmly but it's not bad if you can relate to the main characters and not just look at the general story line. I initially preferred Gale to Peeta but that changed after Mockingjay, especially because of the delayed explosion plan that killed Prim.****


Roti Canai for breakfast

This was at Restoran Makanan Laut Remaja, Bandar Baru UDA. The phrata, just like arwah Nyai's.

Restoran Makanan Laut Remaja, at shop lots accross Masjid Jamek Bandar Baru UDA. More posts about roti canai melayu here >click<


Mesin Cahaya Masa - Wani Ardy

Kalau masa tingkatan enam memang aku terperuk dalam perpustakaan sekolah (sebab cikgu-cikgu cenderung biar budak tingkatan enam jaga diri sendiri) dan habiskan masa baca buku puisi. Kalau tidakpun masa tingkatan tiga duduk tepi rak buku perpustakaan mini asrama petang.

Dah besar ni, jarang-jarang suka. Malas nak berfikir, nak menghadam. Kalau aku beli sepuluh, mungkin ada satu dua sahaja yang aku suka. Aku perasan, novel dan cereka aku lebih kepada penulis lelaki tapi puisi, pilihan aku penulis perempuan. Salah seorangnya, Wani Ardy.

Barangkali sebab orang kata puisi lagi dekat dengan kehidupan dan aku / kebanyakan kita jenis suka dengan sesuatu yang kita boleh kaitkan dengan diri sendiri, hidup sendiri. Dan aku bukan seorang yang kuat berimaginasi (kecuali dalam mimpi yang singgah bila tidur selepas subuh/ semasa asar) jadi susah nak mendalami dunia yang aku tak faham. Tapi sebagai perempuan aku fahamlah dunia perempuan.

Lepas tu, kalau dah suka, semua benda kau suka. Kalau dah baca Langit Vanilla, dah ada CD dia, takkanlah tak baca Mesin Cahaya Masa.

Mesin Cahaya Masa - dari puisi ke catatan ke puisi ke catatan... dari awal sampai habis, meremang-remang jugalah bila dah mendalami tu. Walaupun apa dia nak sampaikan mungkin lain daripada apa yang aku rasa, yang penting ada rasa. Yang penting, terkesan.


Food that I love but I don't know where I had it

I look at these pictures but I can't remember where I had it. I know it's good and probably won't cause more than ten bucks per dish but I'm scratching my head now trying to recall.

The first two... is it Boboiboy Cafe? I think the third picture is tom yam pok tek from Tom Yam Khung, Taman Setia Indah.


Favourite - Salsabila

Salsabila Cafe is always changing. I love it when it first opened - Salsabila Shisha Lounge - chill, cool, happening. Not a fan when they changed the concept (Salsabila Restaurant) - too bright, too family-friendly, less people, boring. 

With vapor trending - Salsa Vape Lounge - they transformed again - dimmed lighting, dark - feels just like the old days. 

Food is a level up.  Pricier but way better than before, both on taste and presentation. I still miss nasi goreng udang butter.

This is the kind of place people want to lepak at, okay. So please stick with this. This works for you.

Read my previous post on Salsabila >>click<<

ps I don't condone vaping, it's kinda annoying - not everyone, just the people who can't stop talking about vape and smoke irresponsibly.


BBQ Chicken - Korea's No. 1 Chicken Restaurant

Old logo

New logo

I am the kind of person that will judge a book by it's cover and judge a restaurant by it's logo. Look at the old one... does not look inviting at all. The new one looks fresh and cool. I immediately walk into the almost empty restaurant.

We ordered the Korean Charbroiled Chicken and Gangjeong Chicken Lunch Set with complementary drinks. The set comes with Korean style fried rice and salad.
I never knew that this is a Korean restaurant. I always thought it's a middle eastern fusion place. Turns out, it's Dayang favourite place. She is so into anything (South) Korean, in fact, she's in Korea right now, so, I assume it must be good although I was a bit skeptical.

When our food arrived, I tried the fried rice first and I was blown away. Okay I'm exaggerating - but if you like nasi goreng benyek, mushy and sticky - the kind that you will get if you don't wait until the rice cool down before frying it; you will most probably love this. I like the chicken too. Gangjeong chicken is marinated with some kind of sweet sauce and it's so delicious.

Gangjeong chicken

Charbroiled chicken
The one thing I regret was the Korean tea. I don't know why I ordered it. I guess I wanted a hot drink but it was bland I ended up adding some ice to it so it'll taste like plain water. The other drink was pink guava which tastes so much better.

Food wise and service wise, BBQ Chicken is excellent but they really need to consider buying new furniture or at least fix the torn seats.

BBQ Chicken that we visited is located at Lot G16, Aeon Bukit Indah, Johor Bahru. Visit their website for more info.


Favourite - Bake N Frost

Whenever we're feeling fancy, want to spend some money but don't want to go anywhere too far, we head to Bake N Frost. A few minutes from our home. 

They never disappoint their customers. 

There was this one time we went there on a Sunday, the sign said it was closed but the door was opened so we went upstairs anyway. It wasn't locked, they were people inside so we entered. We sat, they gave us the menu and when we want to order, almost everything was out because actually they were closed. Talk about customer service. Definitely A+ in my books.

But guys, please don't do what we did. Kesian diorang.


Tubester @Taman Tasik Titiwangsa

Weekend-off days are precious so, it's really nice doing something other than hanging out at shopping malls in KL.

We paid RM60 for a 30 minutes self-navigate which means one of us will have to navigate the boat. It can be a bit boring. The view is amazing but yeah, what else to do? So bring food, there's a table there. You can eat, talk, and take a lot of pictures. 

Tubester operation hours are from Wednesday to Monday, 9.00am to 10.00pm.


Carini Food Station @ Medan Selera Selayang Jaya

On my previous KL trip, I had chinese food at Selayang. Carini Food Station has appeared in Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan (if I'm not mistaken).

It was raining when we came but the place is full save for a few tables that were later filled with latecomers. It was around 10.00pm. We had dinner (super early) before so we decided to order few dishes and a plate of rice for sharing.

Everything tastes so good, especially the tomyam soup and the butter prawn. The butter prawn is the star dish and probably the most popular. Seaweed soup with all the seaweed and ginger, perfect for rainy days.

A bowl of tomyam soup (with fish cakes, chicken and prawns), seaweed soup, butter prawn, vege omelette and a plate of plain rice costs RM35.50 - super cheap. Should have ordered a plate of rice each.

Carini Food Station is located at Gerai 8Z, Medan Selera Selayang Jaya, Jalan SJ5, Taman Selayang Jaya. Opens: 5 pm-12 am (Closed on Wednesday) Tel: 012-6868341 GPS: 3.239546, 101.651764