Boboiboy Cafe @ Jalan Dato Abdullah Tahir

Craving for nasi ayam penyet brought me to Boboiboy Cafe. Been there once a few months back so I am not sure how I felt about them but, pergi sajalah. 

It was actually so good. The sambal was very spicy. Sampai ke sudah tangan dan mulut pijar. The soup was flavorsome. My favourite would be the chicken. Very tender and juicy, complete with the crunchy bits - kriuk kriuk.

Tried the beriyani kambing and it was delicious! Next on my list is the burger. I definitely prefer this place to Banafee.

Boboiboy Cafe is located opposite New York Hotel.


Jannah + Saufi

Almost a month ago. Met up with Azie at the wedding, she needed to leave early so we went to the bridal boutique to see the newlyweds. Congratulations Jannah & Opie. Semoga dipermudahkan segalanya and cepat-cepat dapat transfer so that you guys can be closer to each other.


Azuma @ Komtar JBCC

Planned a birthday dinner but end up with a lunch date.

Something different from our usual sushi dates at Sushi King. The conveyor belt was always filled with variety of beautifully presented sushis. 

We love everything that we ordered, except the fish cutlets (not in picture). My favourite would be the prawn tempura. Nice, light and crispy.


Bake N Frost @ Adda Heights

Bake N Frost serves homemade cakes, western food and freshly brewed coffee.

I have shunned coffee for a few months now (the last grande I had was on my 26th birthday) so I didn't try their coffee. I was hungry so I ordered the creamy meatballs and homemade mushroom soup.

Few weeks later, I came back for the meatballs. I also ordered their fish and chips and a slice of cake.

The fish and chips and cake was good but the creamy meatballs was the winner. It's served with mashed potatoes and lingonberry jam - the closest thing I have ever tasted to IKEA meatballs (God knows how I miss them). I am definitely coming back for more.

Bake N Frost is located at 131-01, Jalan Adda 3/1, Adda Heights (above Sim Optometry). Opening Hours Tuesday - Sunday, 12pm to 10pm (closed on Monday). Contact no. 07-3588474. More info at their Facebook.


Serambi UDA Wantan Mee @ Bandar Baru UDA

Was in the mood for mee wantan and trying something new. When I got there, I realised that I've been there before... duhh.

There's a variety of mee wantan available but they were out of a lot of ingredients, hence, only dry wantan for us. Other than that, usual makanan panas is available too.

The soup was delicious, seriously delicious but the mee was a bit too sticky, too gummy for my liking; unlike the usual mee wantan I had elsewhere.

Mee Wantan BBU is located at No. 2, Jalan Padi Ria 8 (a corner lot house).


Penang Trip X Restoran Hameediyah @ Lebuh Campbell

We went to a nasi kandar place on our second day at Penang. It was hot and the queue was long. All the seats were taken. Waiting for an empty table feels like forever. Some dickheads keeps on stalling and playing with their food. But we made it at last. The food was awesome (I had udang kari btw). Awesome! I wanna come back for the murtabak. Smells delicious but we were too full after the nasi briyani and glasses of water. But what I miss the most during this sauna kind of weather is the iced lime. The best I've had so far. All that walking and waiting was worth it.


Family Day 2015

Spent three days at Port Dickson with the extended family. Had a lot of fun, ate too much, celebrated the whole family's birthday (by month), and sun-burnt after few hours under the sun. Alas, brought back good memories, and my humble sandcastle won first prize. Priceless.


Syafiq + Shasha

Another Batch 24 couple got hitched last month! Tahniah Syafiq dan Shasha. Semoga dimurahkan rezeki dan diberkati, cepat-cepat dapat transfer closer to each other so tak payah PJJ.

Anyway, had lots of fun catching up with the batch mates. Feels like it was only yesterday tinggalkan UKM. Sobs.

By the way, the cendol was superb. I had *maybe* three servings of it. Even took picture with it. That's how much I love the cendol.

And this pretty lady all sweaty. Anak Korea tak tahan panas, baru baik dari sakit so a bit less chubby at that time but still cute nonetheless. Acik loves you Khayla.