7 Tahun 7 Hari x #gdsjht10years

I actually finished the book within an hour. I was supposed to sleep but I can't, not until I finish it.

It took me on an emotional roller coaster ride. I didn't know her personally but it was such a nice and moving story on how she overcomes whatever life throws at her, and how she met her husband. When it all started, their journey... it touched me. What she wrote, what he wrote... it was beautiful.

I think she can be defined as a strong person. Her struggles are/were real and she conquered it. We can too. Perseverance and divine intervention, that is all we need.

Recently, I scrambled to place an order for her t-shirts, book and zine (thanks Ira). Feeling slightly obsessed but hey, she's worth it. From what I can see, fame and what not, she's still the same and that's why I like her.

You can have it too >> READ HERE

Thank you Diana Nuzuin a.k.a gdsjht.


Good things come to those who wait

22 days for a CD. Menunggu dengan debaran because who knows the real condition of the CD - it might be a dupe. From USA to MY it might be damaged (risks of online shopping) and worst come to worst, I may be paying for nothing - scam, lost in the mail etc. etc.

... but it was perfect and I was over the moon and I don't even care if the receptionist wrongly opened the package because she thought it was for the company - I was so happy. After years of contemplating and procastinating, finally. Finally. My own Yuna.


Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn / [2014]

I read an article discussing empathy that mentioned this movie before I watched it. And then I read the book.

Thoughts on the movie:

Mind and emotionally provoking. Believable (empathy - how public will react). Casting perfect. Sakit hati dengan ending but, obviously that is what Nick would do. The ending is so predictably Nick. Nick will totally stay even if it kills him. Kesian Margo.****

Thoughts on the book:

Explains the behaviour of all the characters. So basically she's a psycho ever since she realised about her status as the only child and the psychotic behavior developed through the years thanks to her parents. More insights on what's in their mind. Nick really won't leave Amy at all. I doubt it. Even if she's not pregnant. I don't think he'll ever leave her. He even said that if the tell-all book was published and Amy went to jail, he can still see her eventhough he won't be living with her. Amy made her a better man, vice versa. They are a psycho couple in a mind gaming relationship. Explains a lot on real life couples who actually despised each other but stayed together anyway.

From the book, I know things that I didn't know from the movie. Didn't know Margo and Nick are twins. Didn't know about the lies Amy told Desi about her father and her hatred towards her parents and Desi's mother.


One of those book-turned-movie that doesn't suck. The story was told brilliantly with the right amount of adjustment of the characters and story line. It changed my mind set about psychopathic behaviour. 

I used to think that... everyone is normal until you pushed the wrong button that will turn them into a full blown psycho. But Amy, she was born a psycho. Even before Amazing Amy. She's a total psycho Queen. All hail Amy.

Sometimes, when I don't have anything useful to do, I ask myself, can I do what Amy did and get off unscathed? Maybe, no. I don't have patience and am not a perfectionist.


Post-Christmas lunch with the KL-ites

I cancelled a paid lunch for a chance to hangout with these two. Especially Dayang lah kan. Meeting friends from degree years has become a privilege for me, practising in Johor Bahru and all, this kind of things doesn't come by easily.

Counting days til I can meet her again together with the rest of the clan. Our little mini group brought together by... I don't know what. I'm not even sure how we became a 'thing' but some days I just feel like being in the same room together... we don't even have to talk. I just want them near me. 



Restoran Lesehan Zona @ Taman Pelangi

I love ayam penyet, it is the type of food that is so simple, it can rarely go wrong. A safe choice whenever I'm not sure what to order. I feel like eating ayam penyet, it's either ZZ Stulang or somewhere new, so we end up somewhere new - new to us not newly opened.

Previously the signboard reads "Restoran Lesehan / Bersila - Zona Ayam Penyet". It serves ayam penyet, obviously.

I went there on a Sunday. It was pretty much empty when I got there but then there's people working at Plaza Pelangi coming in, a few maids with the children they're taking care off, some pakciks came alone. It was a homely place. 

You can choose to bersila or sit on a chair. But I chose to bersila because it is fun. I can't bersila when I eat out with my family so yeah, why not?

It really feel like you're in Indonesia I guess as it is operated by Indonesians. The food was okay. I love the chicken - juicy and crispy, the soup was bland, the sambal was hot but you may not like it if you don't really like belacan, the fried tofu was superb! It's crispy but it's still fluffy and not dried up - my favourite.

Although this is not my favourite ayam penyet place in JB (it's Ayam Penyet Z&Z), I will definitely come here again whenever I'm craving for ayam penyet. Z&Z jauh sangat. Hmm.

Restoran Lesehan Zona is located at the shop rows next to Plaza Pelangi, near E&Y Sahul, at the second floor.


HiShop - Kinohimitsu J'pan Beauty Drink

My second purchase from HiShop. Kinohimitsu J'pan Beauty Drink was on sale so I thought I might give it a try now that I'm out of my supplement.

I placed my order on Tuesday and received an e-mail on Friday saying that it was out of stock so I will have to wait five more days. However, it was delivered on the following Monday. Yeay!

I've been consuming it for two weeks now and it's kinda like the best part of my day though I don't see any improvement (yet). Even my friend has started consuming Kinohimitsu Beauty Drink after she saw me with it. You can purchase all Kinohimitsu products at HiShop - http://www.hishop.my/kinohimitsu. I am already thinking of purchasing the J'Pan Collagen Diamond 5300 Drink after I finish off the J'Pan Beauty Drink.

For the two free samples, I chose Antipodes light day cream and another product from b.liv. I purposedly waited until I see any samples I like (and will use) before buying something from HiShop.

Purchases from HiShop always comes with a free gift. Previously I got a free bag (which I gave to my sister) and this time, I got a pair of earrings. Faux diamonds and all, it definitely looks better in real life. I gave those to my colleague.

Follow (http://twitter.com/hishopmy), Like (http://facebook.com/hishopmy) and subscribe (http://www.hishop.my/subscribe) to HiShop for more promotion and exclusive updates.


When in Malacca...

Cendol Jam Besar!! We walked all the way from Dataran Pahlawan for this. Sanggup. And I have to agree, bungkus lagi sedap daripada makan dalam mangkuk. Thanks Iwa :)


Random awesome

After a lot of hesitation, I reluctantly signed up for the Iskandar Charity Run 2014. Never imagined myself running ever again after I've graduated from uni. So random but totally enjoyed it.

ps maybe I should start running again. Hmmmm


2014 farewell lunch

Lunch Retreat at DoubleTree by Hilton Johor Bahru fully sponsored by the boss (TQ!)

There's a lot of different kind of food. Indian food, Malay food, Chinese food, desserts and salad. Most importantly they serve dim sum! 

My favourite will be the dessert, the cheese cake was divine; and the dim sums.

They change the menu everyday (if I'm not mistaken) so different day, different things to try. Definitely worth whatever the price the boss paid for.

DoubleTree by Hilton Johor Bahru is located at Menara Landmark. The price for Lunch Retreat is RM 58.00 ++ (RM 67.28 nett) per person per adult (quoted by the Sales Manager - December 2014). Lunch starts at 12.00pm. More info at their website.



What we do on weekends - work and eat, together or separately, at the same time. And this was me eating hainanese beef noodle, fries and banana parfait in a pot while he's attending customers.

Previous post on Project A Cafe.


SMASHBOX - Try It Kit x Primer Try It Kit

I personally bought the Primer Try It Kit (Primetime) kirim from a friend based in UK and another friend gave me leftovers from her Try It Kit because she only use the Primers (yeay for me!). So basically I have tried everything from the Try It Kit + Under Eye Primer.

What not to love about these kits? Maybe the Lid Primer. I am pretty much in love with my Zoeva Eyeshadow Primer in Matte. But I am so amazed by everything else. Smudge proof eyeliner, mascara that really amplifies my lashes, lovely lip gloss that just feels good on the lips; no tackiness and not too shimmery, really moisturizing under eye primer and a foundation primer that does a very good job smoothing my skin and makes my makeup last a lot longer.

It is priced at USD19.00 usually online reseller will charge MYR100.00+ including handling and posting charges. Can't find it at any stores nearby, so, if you have a friend living in the US/UK it is probably cheaper to ask them for help to buy the kit. It is so worth it.


Manisnya Cinta Di Cappadocia [2014]

A must watch movie 1. Directed by Bernard Chauly 2. Starring Fazura. I love it so much, I can't stop raving about it sebab memang sangat best.

Nice scenery. Sarcastic best friend and kepohchi family. Real relationship prolems. Rafidah Aziz did a great job as one of the script writers and as Dhivia, Ifti's best friend. The character was meant for her.

"Pemandu bas Malaysia dapat kerja dekat Turki. Wow. Tak mencurigakan langsung." HAHAHA

Turun naik feeling with Ifti. And of course, the breakup scene was heart-wrenching. You want to be the one who will console her afterwards. It's real, maybe she was thinking about her own breakup when filming the scene, I don't know but it's real. Faz is a really good actress, no doubt. 

Cerita pun best. The last time I read a malay romance novel was more than 10 years ago and I have never considered any malay novels afterwards butttt after I watched this movie I actually looked for the novel of the same title. That's how good the movie was. I mean, with a movie this good the book must be as good or better.

However, one thing that really bugs me is the hot air balloon scene. Ifti punya scarf masa dia turun daripada bas (scarf merah hitam kelabu) lain daripada masa dia naik hot air balloon (scarf biru). And she's back with the red black grey scarf after the hot air balloon ride. WHY??? Tak puas hati lah.

Was it a mistake too expensive to rectify or intentional?

Nampak tak? Lain! Geramnya. Nanti nak tengok dekat Astro First pulak.****