Forever Favourite x Red Card Cafe

It was around 10pm and I want to go anywhere but mamak place so thank God Red Card was still open. Had a twitter conversation about it's aglio olio a few weeks back so I already know what I want before I open the menu.

As expected, everything was amazing. Even the meatballs alone were divine. Worth coming every time I'm at Bangi.

Spaghetti & Meatballs
Red Card Pasta - a bit spicy
Olio Seafood

More about Red Card Cafe at their website and Facebook.


Iza + Azre

Congratulations to Iza and husband. Thank you jemput. I totally loveee their one of a kind songket. I should have took some pictures of it kan but I forgot.

Anyway, wishing them a very blessed marriage, murah rezeki, live happily together forever after, InsyaAllah.

I look misplaced but it's okay because most importantly the newlyweds were exactly where they were supposed to be; the center of the stage (and everyone's attention). Pic ehsan Mayna.

Before the mini victoria sandwich cake party


WÅNDER by Tudung People @ Bangi Gateway

I have always wanted to go to Wander x Tudung People. First and foremost, to look at the scarfs so that I can be confident enough to buy them online. Secondly, to lepak at the cafe lah. Not hipster cafe but hijabster cafe. Same thing different term.

Anyway, I think, the timing was not right. We had lunch at Homst and were already full so did not get the chance to try the delicious looking cakes. I ordered hazelnut latte (kot) and ARiey ordered the brownies.

The brownies were full of chocolate, great for chocolate lovers, and the latte was good.

The scarfs were so pretty up front that after much deliberation I have finally decided to buy their Lana instant shawl - but the colour I want is sold out. hmm.

Shop Tudung People online. More info at their website.


Homst Recipe @ Bangi Gateway

I have always wanted to try one of those chinese muslim restaurants. Got a chance to eat at Homst Recipe while I was at Bangi a week ago.

We had the set meal, Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet Rice and Wet Buttered Chicken Rice. I also ordered Siew Mai and Spring Rolls. 

When I ordered I thought the rice will be fried rice but it's just plain white rice. The fish and chicken was really good. I would prefer a bit more sauce because it feels too dry. Maybe next time I should order a vegetable plate to complement the meal.

The Siew Mai was a little too gummy for my liking and the spring rolls were just okay. But I will definitely come back for the wet buttered chicken.

Homst Recipe @ Bangi Gateway is located at Level 1. Open from 11am to 10pm. More info at their website.


Playdate with Baby K @ ĝCafe

Khayla can't stand the hot and humid Malaysian weather, her mother (Ofee, reduced to just "her mother") asked to go to a place with AC. I chose gCafe over Roost.

Level 1 was full so we sat upstairs. There was a very comfortable sofa (not in picture) that can fit 3 normal sized people (or maybe 5 skinny girls) but we sat elsewhere because that side can seat 10 pax and we're half of that.

At least we were at the bear territory. Khalya loves the wall, me thinks.

Khayla was happy seeing Acik Naima hihi.
...but not that happy when Acik Naima holds her. Kenapa Khayla. Boring ke? Tak empuk macam Ibu is it?

Not sure if Khayla loves bears or she's just in awe with the new things she saw. Tapi muka macam blur jugak masa kena placing dekat wall. That "What is going on?" face.
Penne - a little on the dry side. Prefer softer pasta.
Chicken chop served with weird yellow sauce.
Grilled chicken chop with teriyaki sauce.
The chicken burger because they ran out of beef patty.
Sweet potato fries and the not so favourable tomato oil sauce (I like it though).
Fries and wedges with the delicious thousand island (table's favourite).
Puan Diyana prettier lepas kahwin. No wonder people always say the most attractive people are bini orang and suami orang. lol
Gang single ladies (missing Cuks).
Can't believe she's a mother already haha Ofee kot.

Isn't she lovely *singing* in her stroller but obviously she wants to get out of there.
... and then she did her baby things. Drink milk and go to sleep.
Before balik kena kejut. Our "Khayla, tengok camera." moment.


Pampas Burger @ Dataran Jelatek

Went to Pampas Burger after Asrama-Ra. It was around 11.00pm and it was either this or mamak (which I am trying very hard to avoid.)

The place was nice and clean. They were probably ready to close up and just waiting for the clock to strike 12 but they were really nice. The manager asked us about our meal and whether we were enjoying our time there. I felt really welcomed - such a sucker for good customer service.

But the good part does not end there. From the name, you know that the main menu is burger. Recently they added pasta to the menu but I had pasta the night before so I ordered burger. We had Blue Cheese & Bacon, The El Pollo Loco (chicken) and Cut The Crab.

The burgers were served with one side dish of our own choice (either french fries, sweet potato wedges (kot?) or onion strings) and a special sauce. The sauce is different for each burger. For Blue Cheese & Bacon, the sauce was buttery and cheesy. The El Pollo Loco's sauce is sort of like a mayo but with something else I can't recall. Cut The Crab was served with Thousand Island sauce.

My favourite will be Blue Cheese and Bacon. I just love beef burger and buttery sauce. I actually finished it off although it was not mine. El Pollo Loco's patty was thick and peppery. Cut The Crab is a bit salty. All of us had french fries for the sides and it was good. Not the soggy kind.

I will definitely come back for more once I'm back in KL.

Pampas Burger @ Dataran Jelatek is open from 12pm to 12am daily (last order 11.30pm). More info at their website.

Missing Ira