It won't be long before I am released from this kind of feelings. I'm tired of relying on other people especially when all they do is demeans you.

Soon we will be free. I promise.


Double shot

Because one Roost in a day is just not satisfying enough. All in all, Roost Juice + Bar will always be my favourite.

Roost Bistro The ZON Stulang

Roost Bistro The ZON Stulang

Roost Repurposed & Recycled


Sneak peak

Levi's Sneakers

Levi's Sneakers

It was a lazy Saturday. Sunny afternoon. You're still lying on your bed. Browsing through the web. It's do or die and from where you were standing, you know that you'll be in a comma but you rather not think of it. You don't feel good but you don't feel too bad either. Whatever happens, you don't want to give a single f.

Suddenly the phone rang... you've made a mistake that no one else can rectify. Oh no. There goes your weekend. And you found yourself crying while getting ready to work on your supposedly only rest day for the week.

It has been a month and you're still wondering what's ahead. This is just the beginning of a hectic life you were trying to avoid. A sneak peak. The rain before the storm.


2009/2013 : Bas


Kelas pagi memang merimaskan. Bas paling awal pukul 7.30am. Bas seterusnya selepas setengah jam. Perjalanan dari kolej ke fakulti makan masa 15 minit. Kalau naik bas kedua akan lambat sampai dan mungkin tak dapat masuk kelas.

Keluar dari blok dah nampak bas dari pusat pengangkutan menuju ke hentian. Cuba pecut dengan segala kudrat sampai di belakang bas pintu tertutup tapi bas belum bergerak.

Bagai histeria berlari lagi, terus ketuk pintu bas... nasib baik pemandu bas perasan dan bagi kami masuk. Histeria kot, takkan tak perasan?


Dah pukul 6.05pm. Jam sistem pejabat lambat 5 minit maka selama-lamanya lah lambat keluar pejabat walaupun sepatutnya masa kerja habis pukul 6.00pm. Siapkan kerja yang ada, cepat-cepat kemas meja, keluar dari pejabat tapi, erk, kenapa boss keluar saing?

Dalam lif berbual ringan. Dalam hati debar fikir, sempat ke nak kejar bas 6.30pm. Kalau tak sempat terpaksa tunggu pukul 7.00pm. Lambat sangat tu.

Lepas Asar rasa nak pakai lipstain dulu sebab bibir rasa kering, muka nampak pucat. Tak tahu nak betulkan eyeliner atau tak. Biar nak balik rumah pun, hati rasa nak melawa. Kalih jam, 6.36pm. Eh, sempat lagi ni nak naik bas! Terus sumbat barang dalam handbag, bergegas keluar surau.

Dalam rushing tu sempat telefon dia tanya, dekat mana, dah sampai rumah ke. Berbual sambil berdebar. Dari atas escalator dah nampak bas kuning. Tak pasti nombor berapa. Hati yakin kata itu bas ke rumah. Urgh. Lambat lagi. Terlepas bas! Telefon diabaikan tanpa letak panggilan.

Masih tak putus asa, berlari turun escalator. Elok sampai depan bas yang dah menyusur keluar dari hentian, pintu tertutup. Aku pandang pasrah sambil ketuk pintu bas walaupun sedar pemandu tak endah.

Mujur ada penumpang di dalam bagitahu, pemandu terus buka pintu.

"OK dah, saya sempat naik bas *pheww*."


The Intouchables [2011]

One of the most successful French movies. It's funny and heartwarming. How a challenge changed two men's life. From total strangers with different social background become friends. The fact that it's based on a true story is a plus point. I'm such a sucker for true stories. I really enjoyed it. 


Lunch Hour : SDS Classic

SDS Classice, JB City Square

SDS Classice, JB City Square
Seafood spaghetti aglio e olio

SDS Classice, JB City Square
Caribbean Chicken Chop

SDS Classice, JB City Square
Grilled Fish Fillet

SDS Classice, JB City Square
Colombia Chocolate + Passion Tea
Groupon first timer.
I always second guess myself when it comes to buying vouchers online.
Reservation stuff and use-by dates scare me off.
I bought it anyway because it seems like a very good deal.
The food was okay. A little bit more oil on the spaghetti would be great though.
I'm not sure why I ordered an ice blended. I'm not really into iced drinks nowadays.
For RM29-00 (not including drinks), it was worth it.



You and me. And them.

When to tolerate means letting other people be the decision maker... I gave in.

I don't want to feel sad about something that should make me happy. In the end, it's not the journey that matters the most, it's the destination.


Lunch Hour : Sedap Corner

Sedap Corner JB City Square

Sedap Corner

Sedap Corner

Sedap Corner

Nasi Kukus and Sweet & Sour Fish (not the exact name)
I think it's overrated and overpriced.


Paso Bumbong 2013

We came to chill but I guess it's not a good place to do so. I prefer Plaza Seni's rooftop to Galleria @ Kotaraya's. It'll be better if there's more lighting - shopping and eating in the dark is not my kind of fun. Got few books from my wishlist - Sepucuk Pistol Di Dalam Laci & Diorama Eksisten. The highlight of my day was definitely meeting up with my favourite people, the usuals; and jejak kasih moment with Azie. You guys made my day. If only you were there...

Paso Bumbong 2013

Paso Bumbong 2013

Paso Bumbong 2013

Paso Bumbong 2013

Paso Bumbong 2013

Paso Bumbong 2013

Paso Bumbong 2013

Chaiwalla & Co.

Chaiwalla & Co.

Chaiwalla & Co.


Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

First two days at Kelantan. The next two days at Johor. Only one new baju kurung this year but that doesn't mean I'm not psyched about raya. I aim to spend all my free time visiting people or in other word, beraya. It's not about the food, though I would love some rendang and lemang; nor money. I just want to meet people and have fun.

I'm working today so I can't wait for the weekends! :)

Selamat hari raya and maaf zahir batin to all. Wishing everyone a very merry hari raya!

p/s: Happy birthday Nana. May all your dreams and wishes come true and take care of yourself and the baby. I love you!



...and hopefully wiser.

So many things happened this Ramadan. Braces removed. Welcomed retainter. My first job. Working on a weekend. Helping out at the new house. Break fast with him... and favourite people - to say that they're my friends would be an understatement; definitely my second family. Bled because of the crab, tasty but dangerous. Ayam golek, the food I have been craving for forever, Alhamdulillah for that.

I guess this year is different. I don't have the urge to buy anything for raya. Break fast has not been an eating contest. Usually had it at home and if I'm dining out, mostly only one meal. Life is much simpler. 

When you have to earn money - no more handouts, you'll appreciate it more. Thanks to my accountant parents, I'm making sure every single cent counts, just like how they taught me since I was little. 

My siblings are different. They can't remember how it was/weren't there when life was hard. The long walks, bus rides, and rented house. I guess that's why I'm okay with not driving (but I have to - the boss wants me to drive). I pity them though. My parents had more time for me and for themselves when I was growing up. 

Now, a few years before they hit the big five-o, they're still preoccupied with work. The long hours and travelling... I wish them health and prosperity. All the sacrifices they've made, InsyaAllah they'll be rewarded accordingly.