Once in a while

I can't remember when was the last time I cook a real meal/dish for my family. Lately Ma was busy at work and she sort of suggested that I cook because I usually got back home around 6.30pm so, maybe I should.

Sotong masak apa entah

Squid, shallot, garlic, ginger, sugar, salt, fish curry, dried up lada giling, and air asam jawa. Abah cakap nampak sedap padahal, put too much asam jawa so, cuba lah teka rasa dia macam mana. Pour sugar to balance out the flavor. Glad it works.


Fettucini Alfredo/Carbonara

A pack of fettucini, two cans of prego, onion, garlic, ginger, salt, meat. I learnt that I have to stir the fettucini or it will stick together; and if you put salt before the meat is tender, it will be tough therefore, whatever happens, only add salt at the end. After mixing the pasta with the sauce, it turns out good despite being way undercooked.

I don't really cook. My family loves my sweet & sour fish/prawns, sandwiches and fried rice but cooking is just not my forte. I'm just glad nobody got sick.



KOPI adalah kumpulan cerpen edisi terhad terbitan FIXI. Kalau tak silap dah sold out. It took me months untuk tulis pasal KOPI sebab kalau boleh nak baca sekali lagi before review but terlebih banyak buku pulak kena baca.

Dari segi mood cerita yang pelbagai, pasti tak bosan membaca. Semua cerita ada kekuatan sendiri tapi yang paling suka - Kopi Percik karya Amal Hamsan. Boleh kata dia penulis kegemaran semenjak baca Heroin.Walaupun dah dapat agak ke mana ending cerpen, teremosi juga.

Disebabkan tema setiap cerpen adalah unik, mudah nak recall which cerpen is which. Selain baca untuk suka-suka, banyak benda baru yang boleh kita belajar daripada cerpen-cerpen tu. Memang berbaloi.

I am, after all, addicted to coffee.

Kopi Susu IT Roo & Kumpulan Cerpen KOPI : FIXI

*Nowadays, kadang-kadang pening lepas minum kopi tapi sekali-sekala apa salahnya. Kopi susu ais/panas tetap nombor satu di hati.



Last night, I ate paru sambal, and then I went out and had bubble tea, kerepek ubi. Suddenly I feel like there's something poking the insides of my cheeks. At that moment I didn't know there was a problem so I keep eating like it's nobody's business. I thought it's just a bristle (toothbrush bristles is a pain in the ass to remove) but no, it can't be that simple can it? 

I went to my room and straight away inspect my teeth. Bad news, the power chain snapped! Good news, it only affect one bracket.

Broken power chain

The thing is, it's Sunday so I need to wait until Monday to set an appointment. I need to apply for leave. I need to go to Bangi. Damn it. Braces, I love you but you're torturing me.

After a few hours of whining and mopping around, I finally came to my senses, googled it and found out that it's not a big problem at all. Some people even waited for weeks before getting it repaired. 

I was planning to delay the appointment for at least three weeks, but this thing is so annoying, I hope I can go to the dentist this week and get this done immediately.

*Happy Birthday Jana :)!


Hari Raya : Awesome

29 hari and I feel happy. Most probably, the best Syawal of my adult life.

First raya as someone yang dah habis study. Last raya dapat duit raya. Dapat raya with family, both sides. Kawan sekolah rendah, sekolah menengah, even went to rumah kawan satu universiti. Dapat ke GEGO 2012.

Alhamdulillah. I'm blessed. Embracing life... senang kata dari buat tapi kita boleh cuba.

And this was how I welcome Zulkaedah...

Carrot Cake and Pavlova
Fresh from Farine's kitchen
Thanks to Farine and family for inviting me to their home. Love the ambience sebab serious kampung tepi bandar sangat kan. Sebelah Danga Bay pulak rumah. The food was great as always, and also the desserts. Not as sweet as the ones at delis for an obvious reason but I love it. My tak malu adik-adik pun siap second servings. Memang sedap. She should run a bakery kalau dah bosan jadi lawyer. Hehe

It was nice catching up dengan kawan se-batch. I miss you Batch 24. The good and the bad. Rindu.

Alas, so many reasons for a celebration in 2012. Convocations, engagements, marriages, pregnancies, births, happy endings and new beginnings. A list of events waiting in line for me until the end of the year. Let's be joyful for that, shall we?


Shiha + Izz

Went to both receptions last weekend - many thanks to Cheah for the invitation and also my friends for bringing me there. And good luck for the newlyweds. Semoga penyatuan ini membawa keberkatan dan rahmat untuk kedua mempelai dan keluarga. InsyaAllah.

I love the bunga telur. I love the door gift. I love the food, it was superb. I love everything about both receptions. I love the colour combination. They look adorable together. This wedding actually revived my love for wedding receptions and nasi minyak. More weddings please!

Reception 1

Shiha + Izz Wedding
Cik Ara, ready to dig in. Awesome food.

Nampak tak Cheah and Izz? They're in white and my camera sucks.

Shiha + Izz Wedding
Decor cantik!

Bunga telur cantik!

Reception 2

Shiha + Izz Wedding

Shiha + Izz Wedding
My favourite picture from my lousy BB camera. Sweet kan! :D

Shiha + Izz Wedding
Bersama Cik Cukue cilok dari Instagram beliau :)


KL Burger Bakar Ukay Perdana @ Alif Taman Suria

KL Cikaro, KL Menjerit, KL Bini-Biniku Gangster, KL Gangster. Nama tak nak catchy tapi geli nak sebut lagi ke?

Gambar dekat atas tu KL Cikaro harga RM7-00 kot, please excuse my absent-mindedness.

Dari segi rasa, I was not feeling well and I don't really like burger ayam tapi it's quite okay lah compared to burger bakar yang pernah jual masa ada karnival apa entah dekat UKM. Patty dia ada sesuatu lah kat dalam. 

Burger Bakar yang famous dekat KL tu tak pernah rasa, by the way so I can't compare it to that. Pernah rasa yang kat Kajang tapi to me it tasted like bolognese saja.

Misi seterusnya nak rasa lagi betul-betul masa tengah tak sakit and ada selera. Teringin burger dia yang letak udang and telur. 

Oh and Burger Bakar Abang Burn dah buka cawangan dekat Johor Bahru located at B.Point. 10% off starting from today 17/09/2012 until 23/09/2012 *click*. Let's!

*Rindu BurgerGOR sebenarnya.


The games we played

Money Drop. Tried out masa second day, 09/09/2012. Failed miserably but at least we tried.

Money Drop Audition The Zone Stulang
the before picture

Money Drop Audition The Zone Stulang
the after. wrote this number on my palm before round one.

Archery. Tengok sahaja. Tau esoknya mesti sakit badan kalau main maka tak mahu ambil risiko.

Archery Danga City Mall

Archery Danga City Mall

Bowling. Terpaksa main. Kalah, lagi dan lagi. Actually malas tapi dulu ada one time Ewan nak sangat main bowling tapi we end up going to the zoo so ni kira, redemption lah.

Bowling Danga City Mall
Orang yang nak main bowling. Juara pulak! Biasalah, atlet.

Bowling Danga City Mall

Bowling Danga City Mall

Wakil family legend bowling. Adik dia wakil UTM kot!

Bowling Danga City Mall
Cuen, Ofee and I

All in one fine Sunday.

Uberawesomeness albeit being totally out of my element.

Gameshow and sports are not my thing.

Makeup and shopping? NOW you're talking! ...and maybe house chores and gardening too :)

Oooh and checkout my rings... lovely!

Chic POP Street Market 10
Knick Knackery


Chambering : Peperiksaan Bahasa Malaysia & 'e-Ethics and Standards'

Dah habis empat tahun at law school doesn't mean you're free from examinations. That's why dipanggil chambering STUDENT! Banyak lagi kena belajar dan banyak lagi kena uji.

Ada dua exam, Bahasa Malaysia and Ethics. Orang-orang dapat at least credit untuk exam Bahasa Malaysia masa O Levels (SPM) boleh mohon pengecualian dekat Legal Profession Qualification Board. 

Masa filing Borang 1 dan 2 dah siap-siap buat pengecualian Peperiksaan Bahasa Malaysia. Sediakan RM100.00 Wang Pos dan CTC copy of your SPM result. Lokasi LPQB - Wisma Straits Trading, dekat dengan Bar Council. Kalau nak mohon pengecualian via pos pun boleh but I'm not sure how.

Wang Pos beli dekat Post Office. Add RM10.00 if you opt for the certificate to be posted to your address. Ada charge komisen so total cost for me RM111-70.

Update : Sekarang boleh apply online dekat website LPQB *click*

Lepas filing for short call pula, bergegas ke Johore Bar untuk buat bayaran for Ethics Course.

At first I was a bit confused sebab as far as I know, kena bayar RM200 to Johore Bar, dapat module and then, done. Tapi dapat pula surat from Bar Council kena bayar RM50 to them in order to access the e-learning system.

KL/Selangor RM150 sahaja for the module. Moving on...

So, total cost for Ethics Course adalah RM250-00. Ka-ching!

*Tingginya kos nak dapatkan title lawyer tu. Both time and money. Semua claim dekat firm, agak-agak kena reimburse tak if end up tak practice? Hmmm.


Hari Raya x GEGO 2012

Aktiviti Sabtu lepas. Selesai run errands, ke open house di Tampoi bersama-sama Ma.

Open House Food
Salad kambing bakar, ayam golek, nasi goreng kampung,
nasi goreng cina, assorted fruits and drinks + roti john 

Lace Blouse ASOS batik bundle
blouse - ASOS
batik - Sahabat PPUKM
sandal - SUMMIT

Dah kenyang makan sedap-sedap, ke GEGO 2012 at Bukit Timbalan. Almost give up nak pergi tapi dah keluar tu keluar jelah terus duduk rumah pun tak buat apa. Sampai je bersalam-salam laga pipi dengan junior UKM diikuti oleh list SIGSians yang sangat panjang, mostly juniors. Tak lupa juga orang-orang yang kenal dari rangkaian sosial. Fun oh!

GEGO 2012
RM10 entrance fee, ticket, tag, landyard

GEGO 2012
sound check

GEGO 2012

GEGO 2012
Bukit Timbalan mini

GEGO 2012

Lepas tu jalan-jalan dengan rakan-rakan lebih kurang setaman.

GEGO 2012
me, zul, mama, adibah

GEGO 2012
Shawls RM15 from Eclipse Shawl
Sticker JOHO buat koleksi

Grab dua shawl.

Grab sticker JOHO putih.

Grab memories.

Balik rumah, ke open house lagi di rumah baby sitter.

Padan berat 52kg sekarang.

*Happy 24th birthday to my brother from another mother, my bestfriend; ayam, nuar, raoul, Mr don juan demarco! Sayang kau.


Chambering : Filing Afidavit Penyampaian, Borang 3, 4 & 5

Update sempena filing fees dah naik.

*Affirm Afidavit Penyampaian, Sijil Ekshibit, Borang 4 dan Borang 5. RM14-00
*Total cost untuk affirm and filing Afidavit Penyampaian RM24-00 [Update : RM32-00]
*Total cost untuk affirm and filing Borang 3, 4 dan 5 RM154-00 [Update : RM250-00]
*Ekshibit untuk Afidavit Penyampaian adalah Borang 1 dan 2 dan bukti serahan - salinan fotostat acknowledgement dekat belakang Borang 1 dan 2 tersebut.

Afidavit Penyampaian (untuk Borang 1 dan 2), Borang 3 (Saman Pemula), Borang 4 (Afidavit Pemohon) dan Borang 5 (Afidavit Pempetisyen) telah selamat difailkan di Mahkamah Tinggi Malaya di Johor Bahru (MTJB), MSC Cyberport pada hari Isnin. 

Nak dekat sebulan juga file Borang 1 dan 2

This time lagi senang sebab kaunter pendaftaran dengan kaunter bayaran Mahkamah dekat Menara Cyberport sebelah-sebelah and dah faham how e-filing works.

1. Ambil nombor giliran scan dekat kaunter pendaftaran. Basically just letak dokumen dekat window kaunter and the person in charge akan write down the number. Tunggu dia panggil nama firm. 

2. Bayar service charge RM10 untuk Afidavit Penyampaian, RM50 untuk Borang 3, 4 dan 5 (new case) so total RM60-00. [Praecipe asing for Afidavit Penyampaian (filing Court KL) and Borang 3, 4 dan 5 (filing Court JB)] Just bagi praecipe no need documents.

3. Letak dokumen dekat window kaunter pendaftaran again untuk scanning.

4. Tunggu nama firm dipanggil untuk ambil balik dokumen yang dah di scan.

5. Bayar filing fee RM8 [Update: RM16-00] untuk setiap afidavit (RM8 x 3 = RM24) [RM48-00], RM80 [RM160-00] untuk Saman Pemula so total RM8-00 untuk Afidavit Penyampaian dan RM96-00 untuk Borang 3, 4 dan 5.

6. Tunggu email from e-Filing System (efs)

7. Extract document from http://efiling.kehakiman.gov.my

Everything went smoothly. Hopefully filing Borang 6, 7 dan 8 nanti pun okay.

*Hari ni dah extract document and dapat tarikh short-call. Lepas ni buat serahan ke Bar Council, State Bar and AGC. Need to prepare Afidavit Penyampaian Borang 3 - Kos = RM24-00 - ekshibit adalah Borang 3, 4 dan 5 serta bukti serahan which is salinan fotostat slip kurier dan acknowledgment (RM6-00 affirm + RM10-00 scan + RM8-00 filing) [RM32-00] At the same time cuak sebab after short call dah boleh AND kena pergi court!  Pitam!



Midnight meal with the family at Pandan City. Serius rambang mata too many choices.

Mee Rebus Haji Wahid
Mee Rebus Special

Hotplate Noodles

Naseeb Nan
Nan Cheese Pakistan (kot?) served with beef "cake" and minced beef curry

Chicken Chop
Chicken chop topped with cheese. Muak and at RM17.00, clearly overpriced!


Chop N Steak - The Ship @ Kampung Baru

This was during buka puasa with Ca and Dayang after filing papers. Alhamdulillah, dapat merasa ayam Uncle Bob setelah sekian lama :)

Chop N Steak The Ship Kampung Baru
Mango Milo and Honeydew

Chop N Steak The Ship Kampung Baru
Spaghetti Seafood and Uncle Bob at the back :D

Chop N Steak The Ship Kampung Baru
Spaghetti Meatball.

Chop N Steak The Ship Kampung Baru
Grilled fish. Excellent! Suka! :D


Hari Raya x SIGS

Pasir Gudang > Taman Daya > Kempas > Larkin > SIGS > Tampoi > Skudai > Kulai > Kangkar Pulai

Konvoi Raya SIGS 2012

Konvoi Raya SIGS 2012

Konvoi Raya SIGS 2012

Konvoi Raya SIGS 2012

Konvoi Raya SIGS 2012

Konvoi Raya SIGS 2012
Pergi bertunang kira beraya sekali lah kan hehe

Konvoi Raya SIGS 2012
Singgah sebentar di SIGS as per requested

Konvoi Raya SIGS 2012

*tak ada gambar dekat rumah Ayam. too tired sampai lupa!! isy*

Konvoi Raya SIGS 2012

Konvoi Raya SIGS 2012

Eight houses, one school, six meals. Everybody was worn out at the end of the day. Didn't even bother to pose properly for pictures. We had a lot of fun though :D